Hostelling International-Santa Cruz

A California beach hostel at the historical Carmelita Cottages

321 Main Street, Santa Cruz, CA 95060 USA


Office Hours:
8-11am & 3-9pm
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HI-Santa Cruz is a hostel made up of beautiful historical cottages with co-ed dorms, single gender dorms, and private rooms.

Every hostel is different. Some hostels come from converted army barracks and some are renovated motels. There are hostels that are converted prisons, and there are hostels that are family homes that have been modified for travelers.

Our hostel is made up of five old fashioned beach cottages on a large property that serves our community as a public park during our closure hours from 11AM-5PM.

Our largest building, The "Johnson Cottage" has our office, a large living room, and three private rooms.

Two of the beach cottages serve as dorm space-- the "Captain Dame Cottage" and the "Lottie Sly cottage".

The "Captain Roberts Cottage" holds two private rooms and shared bathrooms.

The "Longhouse" is a big common space with a large kitchen, dining hall, laundry facilities and a media room where we show movies. Above the media room is a large private room with private bathroom facilities.


Dorms are rooms with bunk beds that exist as low cost accommodations for single travelers and small groups. Dorms are shared space. If you stay in a dorm you will be sleeping in a room with up to five other people. Dorms are a great way to meet new people and make friends. They are also a safe way to stretch out of your comfort zone and try something new.

We have female only dorms, male only dorms and co-ed dorms in two different cottages with 5 to 6 bunk beds per dorm, with two shared bathrooms per cottage.

Co-ed dorms can be booked through HI-USA’s online booking system and over the phone. Single gender dorms can only be booked over the phone.

Private Rooms / Family Rooms

Private rooms are ideal for families with children, couples, and small groups. We have six private rooms available at HI-Santa Cruz. With the exception of our largest private room all private rooms share bathrooms with other guests.

Private rooms allow people the share in the social experience of the hostel, while affording our guests the opportunity to have some privacy.

Our private/family rooms range in size. We have small rooms for single travelers and couples, larger rooms for small groups, and large rooms for families. Please refer to our Rates Page for prices.

Hostel Property Map for Groups