Hostelling International-Santa Cruz

A California beach hostel at the historical Carmelita Cottages

321 Main Street, Santa Cruz, CA 95060 USA


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8-11am & 3-9pm
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Our Hostel's Guests Come From All Over the World

We are proud that our hostel provides an atmosphere that allows people to share their cultures, experiences, and dreams while making new friends. The hostel allows guests a safe environment to sleep, experience our city, and meet new people from all over the world

Out of roughly 10,000 guests we’ve had at HI-Santa Cruz in the past year 6,000 were from the U.S. About 800 were from Germany and other German speaking countries. Over 650 guests came from the UK. About 400 hostellers came from Australia and New Zealand; and another 250 hostellers came from Canada. We had about 300 guests from South America, with about half of that number coming from Brazil alone. About 200 guests came from France. Around 150 guests came from Asian countries and the Pacific Islands. Sweden, Spain, Italy and the Netherlands tied for bringing in about 150 travelers each.

We are privileged to have guests from all over the world staying with us regularly, increasing numbers from Eastern Europe, Asia, and Africa every year.

Learning from Other Cultures

Sharing and learning from others cultures is a unique personal growth experience that HI-Santa Cruz is happy to facilitate.

Hosteller’s share their language, experience, foods, and laughter with other guests. Guests also learn to cultivate a common ground when it comes to social norms such as sleeping habits, eating times, going out, and sharing their sense of humor.

Getting To Know New People

In today's fast-paced world having the space to take the time to meet and know new people is a unique opportunity.

Our hostel fosters the chance to get to know strangers in a safe environment. Many guests who meet here go on to travel to other hostels together, sometimes travelling to far away locals like Alaska or Thailand.